Brand New Cards at Scratch2Cash

Brand New Cards at Scratch2Cash
  • There are a bunch of brand new scratch cards you can play right now at Scratch2Cash. The first new two cards tie in great with the Euro 2012 matches as they are bound so suit the mood of all those of you that have been struck by football fever. 

    The first new scratchcard is called World Toto and it could win you £100,000. That's a lot of money to me and I'm sure it is to you too as we can't all earn the salary of premier footballers! In World Toto you get to bet on 15 different virtual football matches and see if your predicted team wins. The next footie card could win you £200,000 and its called Kick off Euro Cup 2012. The premise of this football themed scratchcards is simple, you scratch away to reveal balls and their potentially matching flags to become the champion also known as the winner!

    The next game new to Scratch2Cash that I am very excited about is not a scratchcard at all, but it is the Incredible Hulk themed slot! Who cares if this is a slot or a scratchcard its the Hulk! Watch Bruce Banner go ape in this twenty five line fruit machine. You get to see the hulk confront an array of destruction in this slot in the form of trucks, cars and swat teams. This slot is official so expect original graphics from the film and the game even connects to three separate progressive jackpots giving you even more chances to win. The top prize is more than hefty standing at £200,000!

    Next up we have another scratch card, this one is called Numero Uno. Whilst having a go on Numero Uno your aim is to scratch sixteen out of twenty four panels to reveal whats under the surface. What you are hoping is under the surface is treasure! A treasure chest is the top symbol so it would make you win instantly. If you are not lucky enough to find treasure immediately then try and find as many number ones as possible hence the name Numero Uno. This card has a top prize of £200,000.

    If you are feeling nostalgic and long for simpler times then why not take a walk down memory lane by playing Snakes and Ladders at Scratch2Cash. Unlike the board game version where you don't get anything other than victory and being smug to your opponent(s)   when you win, this version of Snakes and Ladders has a top prize of £200,000. This version of Snakes and Ladders also has quite a quick pace of game play as you can play up to three characters yourself. 

    If you have never played at Scratch2Cash before then you can play the above scratchcards for free to win real money as you will get 5 free without making a deposit just for joining. If you want to make a deposit then they will very kindly double it, woo hoo, you can't say fairer than that. If you get your mates to play at Scratch2Cash you can get paid 25 in your currency paid into your Scratch2Cash account as part of their refer a friend scheme. Enjoy Scratch2Cash with Free-Lucky-Bingo!

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