Join the Grand Relay 2!

Join the Grand Relay 2!
  • There is something very exciting going on this month at Back2School Bingo. The event worth tweeting about (if you don't hate Twitter that is) is the Grand Relay 2. If you don't even know what the first Grand Relay is then let me give you a run down of this event. 40 lucky winners, one of which could be you will share 1,500 cash as well as a bunch of extra prizes. If you want a slice of this action then play in either the Snickers room or the Ice Breakers room and you will earn one point for ever 1 (in your currency) you spend. The more points you get the more cash you will receive, the premise is simple. You can also do this on casino games as well as bingo games and win separate cash prizes for wagering on both. You can check any leaderboard at any time on the Back2School site to track your progress. The next special event at Back2School this May 2012 is giving away something more important than money. What could be more important than money I hear you cry from your computer screens, well exercise equipment! If you are not a gym junkie then that may of been a slight anti climax for you but come on, what better thing to invest in than your health. To enter the health equipment prize draw just play bingo or casino games as you usually would and every 100 you spend on casino and 50 on bingo will earn you raffle tickets, nothing ventured, nothing gained! I personally love the gym and some equipment at home would be ever so convenient as it takes a truck load of willpower to venture there on a lazy Sunday, I would imagine anyway as I haven't been able to manage it yet. The only thing to be aware for this promo is due to delivery costs the equipment can only be transported to UK players only but rest assured non UK residents can still enter and win the cash equivalent of £250.If  £250 seems like small change to you then firstly lucky you! Secondly, Back2School also offers daily games with what they call special jackpots as prizes. I can certainly see why they are referred to as special as you could walk away with over a thousand in cash weekly. You can locate these special jackpots in the snickers and ice breaker rooms at 9 and 10 PM GMT. If you also enjoy casino games then the May casino giveaway that Back2School are holding might interest you. This May 2012 you can win your part of 1000 free spins on slots just by playing any casino games during May at Back2School, full details of this giveaway can be found on their site. Last but not least I though I would talk about an ongoing promotion that these guys have called your bingo ball for life. When you join Back2School you get to choose your own lucky number and receive a virtual bingo ball with this number on it. If you are feeling creative you can also customise this ball to make it look oh so pretty and give it your own personal style. Every week at this site a winning number is announced weekly and every time your lucky number matches the one that is announced you will split 1000 cash with everyone else who also picked the same number as you, perhaps you might think about choosing a lucky digit that isn't very popular! I love this ball for life concept as you don't have to do anything extra to win, its just like a surprise lottery you didn't even buy a ticket for! Enjoy from Free-Lucky-Bingo!

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