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  • Do you want to win a designer bag or ladies watch? If you want some new goodies then join Fabulous Bingo this April. If you wager £30 on the brand new exclusive slot Winning Headlines or any other mini games before the 29th of April 2012 you could win one of 10 designer bags, one of 10 designer ladies watches or one of 2 £1000 cash prizes, good luck! Fabulous Bingo is one the official site of Fabulous magazine which is the supplement magazine to The Sun newspaper. Obviously run by the same guys as The Sun winning Headlines is the new Sun themed slot. I just had a quick go on the demo round which is available on the Fabulous site. I read the Sun and the symbols were instantly familiar to me, they have icons for the bizarre pages, the sports pages, other gossip pages and of course their famous bargain holiday deals, this slot is a must for proud Sun readers. This is also a good one for slots fans as there is a great bonus round full on free spins and multipliers which increase what you have already won!If you have never played slots before then here is a run down of exactly how to play Winning Headlines. First off you have to select your coin size, this determines exactly how much you want to bet on each line. You can bet as little as a penny a line to 20p a line. The controls have convenient plus and minus symbols on so you can easily increase or decrease your chosen coin size quickly. Next up is deciding how many lines you want to bet on, you can bet anywhere from 1 to 15 different lines by clicking on the coloured numbers beside them. Obviously the more lines you bet on the more you can win, it will also get pricier though, isn't that typical. To start the game click spin and then watch the reels do their thing! There are a number of special icons in slots which mean you could be in the money. Obviously in slots the aim of the game is to get matching symbols to win but if you get a wild these are great as they can substitute for other symbols to make winning combinations, sort of like the Joker in a pack of cards. The only substitute that the wild cannot be replaced with is the scatter. This is because the scatters can also make you a winner, just smaller winnings than the wilds. The really fun part of Winning Headlines and other slots are the bonus rounds! When you get three bonus symbols on any paylines then click on the newspapers you will reveal all the lovely things you have won namely how many free spins and how many multipliers.The fact that playing this slot can win you a handbag or a designer watch is very typical of Fabulous Bingo, they don't try and cater for all, they are loud and proud about the fact that they cater for women. A lot of their prizes as sensual or luxurious as they cater for strong sexy independent women, I'm starting to sound like a Beyonce song now but you get the idea! Enjoy this fabulous site with Free-Lucky-Bingo!

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